Take a Step Back in Time in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

First settled in 1638 as Middle Plantation, Williamsburg, Virginia, is a fount of history. This city saw battle in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. This American treasure is now known as the world’s largest living museum due primarily to the dream of Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin, an Episcopalian priest.

take a step back in time in colonial williamsburg, va

While Williamsburg is a living, breathing history lesson, there is more to the city and the surrounding area.

Historical Intrigue

Some call Williamsburg the Revolutionary City. Visitors have the honor of taking part in the hard choices the colonists had to make: either remain loyal to Britain or fight for America. From decision to actual battle, visitors will see the reading of the Declaration of Independence. They will also see firsthand how Benedict Arnold imposed martial law on Williamsburg’s citizens. Visitors may also join the troops who muster for battle at Yorktown and what they believe will be certain victory over their British foes.

Other Historic Landmarks

Williamsburg is alive with history. Here, visitors can tour the First Baptist Church which is America’s first African-American church.

Anderson’s Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury brings that art to life and is a showcase for the tools, hardware, and weapons that colonists needed to fight a revolution.

Bassett Hall provides guided tours through the home of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The home, as well as Mrs. Rockefeller’s gardens, has been preserved just as they were when the Rockefellers visited in the 1930s and 1940s.

If it’s more history visitors to the area want, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown are deemed America’s Historic Triangle. All three cities are linked by the scenic 23-mile Colonial Parkway.

Other worldly history can be found during one of several Williamsburg’s Spooks and Legends Haunted Tours. Visitors are guided by early colonists who share the haunted history of the town.

Leaving History Behind

Jamestown and the surrounding historical areas have fun to offer visitors as well.

Busch Gardens has European themed adventure for every member of the family with six roller coasters and various other amusements. Visitors can also catch many music shows throughout the year.

Just around the corner from Busch Gardens is Virginia’s largest water park, Water Country USA. Take a ride on the Aquazoid with its dark tunnels that leave raft riders guessing which way they’ll turn next. Zip around the Colossal Curl, the Nitro Racer or the Jet Scream or simply swim in the pool. Whatever you do here, the water will be refreshing.

Natural Adventures

Williamsburg Charter Tours offers visitors sailing cruises. Take your pick of several packages and charter the waters of the York River and into the Chesapeake Bay.

Greensprings Interpretive Trail is a must for hikers and nature lovers. The 3.5 mile nature trail loops through forests, wetlands, and even over beaver ponds. Almost 200 species of birds live on the trail.

Shopping Colonial Style

For the shoppers, the Williamsburg Market offers a variety of shopping. From handmade baskets, woodworks, weaponry, equine supplies and wigmaking, the visitors can choose from modern jewelry or pieces of Americana history

Combining history and fun, a vacation at Williamsburg is a trip vacationers will long remember.