Top 10 Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge TN, That You Will Fall In Love With

Top 10 Indoor Activities in Pigeon Forge Title with Wild Bear Falls Water Park In Background

As a seasoned travel brand, Best Vacation Dealz has ventured through Pigeon Forge’s vibrant indoor attractions, unearthing unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Here’s a personalized insight into our escapades, revealing our top 10 indoor activities in Pigeon Forge that will get you hooked..

1. Wild Bear Falls Water Park

Aerial view of wild bear falls water park

Our top pick for family thrills! What truly stood out was the Park’s commitment to safety without compromising the adrenaline rush. We also loved their Lazy River for a serene yet enjoyable float. Our kids enjoyed the water slides, and the toddler play area ensures that even the youngest visitors can join in on the water fun.

What is also great about Wild Bear Falls Water Park is that it’s attached to Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Waterpark. We actually stayed at the resort and staying there was an absolute delight. The scenic views surrounding the resort were breathtaking. We all enjoyed waking up to the serene mountains it felt like a dream come true.

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2. Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine

outside exterior of ole smoky mountain moonshine in pigeon forge

The authenticity and history behind the moonshine craft fascinated us.
Fun fact: Making moonshine in Tennessee was super popular way before the Prohibition Era. When those laws shut down the distilleries, everyone wanted moonshine even more. That time during Prohibition is often seen as the best for making moonshine.

We recommend opting in for a hands-on moonshine making class to learn the traditional techniques!

3. Beyond The Lens

Beyond The Lens exterior house

Get ready for an abundance of amazing photo opportunities perfect for Instagram, virtual reality adventures, searching for Big Foot, fun interactive games (even quick 2-minute escape rooms), a walkthrough of pop culture from the 1960s to now, and loads of other exciting stuff.

4. Serenity Spa at Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Water Park

Serenity Spa at Smoky Mountain

Serenity Spa’s holistic approach goes beyond relaxation. For a unique journey, we highly recommend their Fountain of Youth Package for 100 mins. It includes a 50 minute Swedish massage, an oxygen facial, and paraffin treatment to top everything off. It was the perfect experience, and the masseuses really know what they’re doing.

Please check this place out! It’s one of our favorite indoor activities in Pigeon Forge, and you will feel like royalty after.

5. Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner Attraction

Dolly Parton's stampede in pigeon forge restaurant with audience

The dinner is more than just a meal. I’ve been lucky enough to try their amazing four-course feast, and it’s a real journey for your taste buds. The creamy vegetable soup they serve at the start is so comforting, and those homemade biscuits, they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.Then comes the star of the show – the rotisserie chicken, tender and so tasty, along with the hickory smoked barbeque pork loin. The sides, like the buttery corn, herb-basted potatoes, and that sweet apple turnover, they all hit the spot perfectly. What’s great is they’ve got options for vegetarians and gluten-free folks, so everyone can enjoy the feast.

And let me tell you about the horses – The horses are just magnificent, and watching them ridden by those skilled performers is a beautiful sight and  a memory that sticks with you, creating a special kind of magic.

The whole experience at Dolly Parton’s Stampede is not just about the food –  it’s a warm and inviting experience that’s about more than just a dinner; it’s like being part of a real adventure.

6. Escapology

child participating in escapology laser beam room

The variety of escape room themes was impressive. If you like superheroes try the Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge. The room is a custom simularion of the Batcave. The Batcomputer’s communication setup is made to give you pointers as you go, giving you tips and hints from Batman himself to help you on your way through the adventure.

7. Wild Gals Old Time Photo

Lady and man in a retro photoshoot at wild gals old time photo

I remember the day I strolled into the studio. My eyes widened at the array of costumes, and I couldn’t resist the allure of dressing up. I decided to channel my inner Southern belle, feeling like a character straight out of a bygone era.

It’s not just a photo studio; it’s a journey back in time, offering a peek into eras like the elegant Victorian period or the roaring days of the 1920s. Here, you can transform yourself into a character from these historical times, with an array of costumes and themes to choose from.

8. Titanic Museum Attraction

grand staircase at titanic museum attraction

Stepping into the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge was like embarking on a journey through time. The moment you arrive, you’re greeted by the museum’s stunning exterior, designed to replicate the grandeur of the RMS Titanic. As you enter, the attention to detail immediately transports you to the era of the legendary ship.

The interior is filled with an array of artifacts, each with its own story to tell. One of the most striking pieces was a haunting collection of personal belongings recovered from the wreckage. Seeing these items up close, knowing they were touched and used by passengers on that fateful journey, was incredibly moving.

9. Big Top Arcade

big top arcade entrance at night in pigeon forge

They have state of the art arcade games with really awesome prizes. We highly recommend checking to see if they have play card specials. Our families couldn’t get enough of playing The Wizard of Oz machine, it was so much fun!

10. MagiQuest

two children holding wands inside magi quest in pigeon forge

The interactive quest was enthralling. At MagiQuest, you’re handed a magical wand and get to pick your own name before diving into what they call ‘training.’ Once that’s done, the clock starts ticking. You’ve got options – quests or adventures – but to unlock the adventures, you gotta finish certain quests to gather runes. They give you a handy book to guide you through, and there’s always friendly staff around if you’re stuck. Point your wand at stuff to make magic happen! It’s a blast, and guess what? We managed to finish the whole book!


Despite the rain, there were many indoor activities in Pigeon Forge that made our trip a memorable and enjoyable experience. So, don’t let a little rain dampen your plans because indoor adventures here are just as thrilling and filled with wonder! Whether you’re here for the history, the fun, or the sheer entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

So, next time you’re in Pigeon Forge, don’t forget to explore these indoor gems—rain or shine! Happy adventuring, fellow travelers!

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