Hollywood Studios vs Epcot: The Ultimate Battle of The Disney Parks

side by side comparison of Epcot vs Hollywood studios

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure at Disney World? Want to know which Disney park to choose for the day? Choosing the right Disney park is crucial to ensure your trip is a truly magical experience. In this ultimate battle of the Disney Parks, Best Vacation Dealz is pitting Epcot vs. Hollywood Studios to help you make the best decision for your Disney vacation.

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Epcot vs Hollywood Studios. The Short Answer To: Which Park Is Better?

Epcot is perfect if your family wants to experience all the different cultures through exhibits and immersive experiences.

From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, families will like Hollywood Studios better if they want interactive experiences with these movies and to enjoy thrilling rides.

What Is Epcot? A Brief Overview

Epcot is all about exploring the world, both past and present. Epcot, short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is one of the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The park opened its doors in 1982, and since then, it has become a beloved destination for families and Disney enthusiasts alike.

Epcot was Walt Disney’s vision for a utopian city where people could live and work harmoniously with nature and technology. Although Walt Disney passed away before his dream could become a reality, the park was built in his honor and inspired by his original ideas.

Epcot’s Centerpiece

Epcot's centerpiece

The park’s iconic centerpiece is the giant geodesic sphere known as Spaceship Earth, which houses a ride that takes visitors on a journey through the history of human communication. Epcot is also known for its World Showcase, which features pavilions representing different countries and their cultures, from Mexico to Japan and beyond.

What Is Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park? A Brief Overview

Hollywood Studios opened its gates in 1989, named initially Disney-MGM Studios, and it has been providing guests with an unforgettable movie-inspired experience ever since. The park’s theme is based on Hollywood’s Golden Age of the 1930s and 1940s, featuring art deco designs, classic Hollywood architecture, and iconic movie characters.
Guests can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite movies and TV shows, such as Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones, and The Twilight Zone.

Epcot vs. Hollywood Studios- Which One Has The Best Rides?

Hollywood Studios Rides & Attractions

If you’re looking for a park packed with action-packed rides and attractions, this is the place for you. Here are the rides at Hollywood Studios:

The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorHollywood tower attraction ride with palm trees in view

Take a ride in the creepy elevator at the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel and experience a thrilling drop that will make your heart race and your stomach drop.

Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmiththe entrance to rock "n" roller coaster starring Aerosmith at Hollywood studios, disney world

Strap in for a high-speed roller coaster ride through the dark streets of Los Angeles, all set to the music of Aerosmith.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

clone troops on Star Wars rise of the distance attraction

Join the Resistance and fight against the First Order in this epic adventure through a galaxy far, far away.

Millennium Falcon

the millennium falcon attraction at Star Wars the galaxy edge Walt disney world

Take control of the Millennium Falcon and fly through the galaxy to help the Resistance.

Slinky Dog Dash

slinky dog dash roller coaster at toy story land in Hollywood studios disney theme park


Join Slinky Dog on a fun-filled roller coaster ride through Andy’s backyard, inspired by the Toy Story movies.

Toy Story Mania!

Aim and compete in fun carnival-style games inspired by the Toy Story movies.

Alien Swirling Saucers

mom and son in slinky dog dash ride

Join the aliens from Toy Story on a spinning ride through space.

Epcot Rides & Attractions

This is the park that celebrates the wonders of our world and beyond! Epcot is known for its educational experiences, immersive attractions, and thrilling rides. Here are the rides at Epcot:

Test Track

people riding in test track at epcot

Design your virtual car and then take it for a spin on a high-speed track, testing its capabilities and performance.

Soarin’ Around the World

Experience the sensation of flying as you soar over some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and landmarks.

Frozen Ever After

frozen entrance

Join Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on a magical boat ride through the world of Frozen.

Mission: SPACE

Train for a missile on to Mars in this thrilling simulator ride, complete with realistic G-forces and space travel experiences.

Spaceship Earth

Take a slow-moving ride through human communication and innovation history, from cave drawings to the internet.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Join Nemo and his friends on a fun-filled ride through the ocean, with colorful sea life and characters from the Finding Nemo movies.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Join Figment on a whimsical journey through the power of imagination, exploring the five senses and the wonders of creativity.

Final Verdict For Rides: Epcot vs Hollywood Studios

These parks are amazing, but they each have their unique charm.

Thrill Seekers Love Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is the place for thrill-seekers who love to get their heart racing with exciting rides and immersive experiences. This park is perfect for teenagers, young adults, and anyone who loves the adrenaline rush. Imagine being launched into space on a mission to help the Resistance or joining Aerosmith on a high-speed roller coaster ride through the streets of LA. You can even drop like a rock in an elevator at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Hollywood Studios is not for the faint of heart!

Epcot’s Rides Are More Family Friendly & Educational

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more educational and family-friendly experience, then Epcot is the park for you. This park is perfect for families with young children and anyone who loves to learn about the world and its wonders. From designing your virtual car and testing its performance on Test Track to experiencing the sensation of flying over some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes on Soarin’ Around the World, Epcot has something for everyone. You can join Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on a magical boat ride through Frozen!

Hollywood Studios vs. Epcot: Which entertainment is better?

Regarding entertainment, both Hollywood Studios and Epcot have much to offer. Let’s take a look at what each park has in store!

Hollywood Studios Entertainment

Hollywood Studios is known for its incredible live shows and performances. Here are some of the top entertainment options in this park:


fantastic light show

This nightly spectacular combines live performers, special effects, fireworks, and beloved Disney characters for an unforgettable show.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Watch in awe as stunt performers recreate iconic scenes from the Indiana Jones movies, complete with explosions and daring feats.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

This Broadway-style musical brings the classic story of Beauty and the Beast to life with stunning costumes, sets, and performances.

Epcot Entertainment

Epcot, on the other hand, is all about celebrating different cultures and showcasing fantastic talent worldwide. Here are some of the top entertainment options in this park:

Mariachi Cobre

These talented musicians perform traditional Mexican music with a modern twist.

Jeweled Dragon Acrobats

This group of acrobats from China perform jaw-dropping stunts and feats of strength.

Voices of Liberty

This a capella group performs patriotic songs and other classics in the beautiful dome of the American Adventure pavilion

Final Verdict for Entertainment: Epcot vs Hollywood Studios

So, which park has better entertainment? It depends on what you’re looking for. Hollywood Studios is definitely the way to go if you love live shows and performances. But if you’re interested in experiencing different cultures and seeing fantastic talent worldwide, then Epcot is the perfect choice.

Epcot Vs Hollywood Studios: Restaurants & Food

In this round, we will look at the restaurants and food offerings in each park and crown a winner.

Hollywood Studios Dining

This park offers a variety of dining options, from quick service to table service restaurants. Here are some of the top spots to grab a bite:

Hollywood Brown Derby 

the Hollywood brown derby sign

This upscale restaurant serves American cuisine in a classic Hollywood setting. The menu features dishes like Wagyu beef sliders and lobster bisque.

Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Restaurant

sci fi dine in Hollywood studios

Step back to the golden age of drive-in movies at this unique restaurant. Dine in a car-shaped booth and enjoy classic American dishes like burgers and milkshakes.

Woody’s Lunch Box

This quick service spot serves tasty sandwiches and sides, like the famous Totchos (tater tot nachos)

Epcot Dining

This park is known for its diverse range of dining options, with cuisine from all over the world. Here are some of the top spots to check out:

Le Cellier Steakhouse

This Canadian-inspired restaurant is located in the beautiful Canada pavilion and serves delicious steak, seafood, and poutine.

Biergarten Restaurant

Head to the Germany pavilion for a festive dining experience with live music and all-you-can-eat German specialties like sausages and pretzels.

Teppan Edo

This Japanese hibachi-style restaurant is located in the Japan pavilion and offers delicious grilled meats and seafood and a fun and interactive dining experience.

Hollywood Studios vs Epcot Final Verdict for Dining: WINNER IS EPCOT

Alright, let’s wrap up this comparison and make our final verdict!
After closely examining the dining options at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, it’s clear that the winner is…Epcot! With its diverse range of dining options and authentic international cuisine, Epcot takes the cake in this category. While Hollywood Studios offers some tasty choices, they can’t quite compare to the unique dining experiences you’ll find in Epcot.

Overall ratings:

Hollywood Brown Derby – 4/5 (Hollywood Studios)
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant – 3.5/5 (Hollywood Studios)
Woody’s Lunch Box – 3/5 (Hollywood Studios)
Le Cellier Steakhouse – 4.5/5 (Epcot)
Biergarten Restaurant – 4/5 (Epcot)
Teppan Edo – 4/5 (Epcot)

So, if you’re a foodie or just looking for an international dining experience, Epcot is the park for you!

Dining With Disney Magic Bands +

One of the best features of dining at Walt Disney World is the convenience of using a MagicBand to make reservations and pay for your meals.
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When dining, tap your MagicBand at the restaurant check-in desk to check in for your reservation. You can also use your MagicBand to pay for your meals, which is a convenient and hassle-free way to handle your dining expenses.
Using a MagicBand for dining makes the entire experience more seamless and efficient, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the parks and less time fumbling with cash or credit cards. So, whether at Hollywood Studios or Epcot, take advantage of this convenient technology and use your MagicBand to make your dining experience even more magical!

RECAP: Hollywood Studios Vs. Epcot

All in all, Hollywood Studios and Epcot are likely to be enjoyed by everyone in your family, because there is something for everyone at these disney parks. But, lets recap Hollywood Studios vs Epcot.

Choose Hollywood Studios For Thrill Seeking Rides

Hollywood Studios is the perfect park for thrill-seekers and movie buffs, with incredible rides and immersive experiences like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Choose Epcot For Cultural Exploration and The Best Dining Options

Meanwhile, Epcot is the ideal park for families exploring different cultures and enjoying world-class dining options. With its iconic World Showcase and unique festivals like the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, Epcot truly has something for everyone.

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